Orbit Building And Remodeling


Why Orbit?

Homeowners turn to us when:

  1.   Their current home does not fit their lifestyle.
  2.   Frustrated that their living space no longer meets their needs.  
  3.   In a quandary about what to do and
  4.  Uncertain about whom to trust to do it.

What makes us different?

Orbit Building and Remodeling leverages its vast experience in home building earing its reputation as a quality homebuilder and remodeler since 1976. Over 4 decades of satisfied homeowners. We use quality materials, quality craftsman – with long-term relationships. We inspire, inform and design with our homeowners. We are skilled, safe, efficient and knowledgeable. We will guide you through transitioning your house to your home reflecting your lifestyle.


  • Please keep in mind that there are many variables to look at when pricing a construction project. Most likely an “off the cuff” guestimate will undoubtably be incorrect – resulting in starting the relationship on the wrong foot. So – until we fully assess the situation, discover the problems that need to be solved and understand your vision for the project – including your wants and needs, a guestimate is not a responsible thing for a quality contractor to do.
  • Lake County, Geauga County
  • Yes, we carry general liability (GL) insurance, workers compensation (workers comp) insurance and commercial auto.
  • First, your contractor should have general liability insurance that protects your home and property in the event of an accident. For example, if they hit a water line and flood your house, you can rest assured knowing they’ll take care of the cost of this type of disaster. 

  • Second, your general contractor should also carry workers’ compensation insurance. This protects you from liability if someone is hurt while working on your property.
  • Our goal is to be on-site for a consult within 48 hours pending geographic location. Written estimates are provided for all work.
  • One of our qualified sales representatives or the owner.
  • Generally, we hold prices for 30 days. When the markets are volatile, sometimes we can only hold prices for a week.
  • Yes, 2D and/or 3D drawings provided upon request as part of our design services. Blueprint comes with an advanced cost analysis – some fees will apply. (Applied to contract).
  • HBA member
  • Cleveland HBA remodelers’ council
  • Licensed in Lake County and surrounding areas
  • Skilled and credentialed craftsman on staff
  • Expert finish carpenter
  • CertainTeed certified roofing installer
  • Eastern Lake County Chamber of Commerce
  • We pride ourselves on a neat and clean worksite. Measures are taken to protect property and quality of life during the invasive process of remodeling. It is our goal to disrupt your normal life as little as possible.
  • Depends upon the situation and would involve a change order.  With any remodeling project, you can’t see everything until exposed. We over-communicate every exception we see and involve you in the process and solution. Any changes are discussed prior and agreed upon by you prior to us taking any action.
  • Sometimes we do but almost all of our subcontractors have been part of our company for many years. We use licensed Plumbers, Electricians and HVAC contractors.
  • Yes, you can view our Photo Galleries by selecting the tab at the top of this page.
  • Yes, we bring samples as appropriate.
  • The answer is yes, but we do not recommend it.
  • When a contractor pulls a permit, insurance is required.  Such as liability insurance and a completion bond.
  • When a homeowner pulls a permit, the contractor is not required to have insurance which is a potential for lawsuits and puts the homeowner at risk.
  • Our market that we focus on is in Lake and Geauga Counties.
  • We will work with you to meet your specific needs
  • We do require a deposit based upon material and job cost. Generally, special order items are required to be paid in full when ordering which is what our distributors make us do.
  • Not required in the State of Ohio at this time for a general contractor.
  • On new construction projects, 10% is a good number. On remodeling projects 10% – 15% is best. If you don’t need it, all the better.
  • No 
  • Building codes have been established by most cities, towns and countries. They vary considerably from one jurisdiction to another. A building permit generally is required whenever structural work is involved or when the basic living area of the home is to be changed. A professional who works in your city or town every day will know the local requirements.
  • Permits and inspection requirements vary by location. You may need a county, city, or even HOA approvals. In addition, most remodeling projects that change the structure of a home will require some type of approval. 
  • A reputable general contractor will know which building permits are required, and they should handle this for your project directly. 
  • Quite a bit!
  • Basically, you get what you pay for. Every situation is different, so it’s important to carefully compare estimates from each of these types of companies.
  • Out of touch with local building codes. Impersonal service. Lack of experience.
  • Buy local is always the best bet.
  • Many factors go into pricing a remodeling job. The most obvious is making sure all estimates have the same materials and scope of work. If you cannot understand all the information, go back and ask the contractor for clarification. If you cannot get satisfactory written results, eliminate that contractor from future bidding. Quality of work is hard to show in a written estimate and is also a factor in costs. This part of the cost difference is usually only confirmed by calling references and/or visiting jobs the contractor has completed. Check references for work completed years ago to see how their works stands up to the test of time. When a contractor carries all the proper and required licenses and insurances, his prices will be higher than a “Chuck in a Truck” or “fly by night” contractor.
  • We give you our project lead’s cell phone number and e-mail address.
  • Not ordinarily.  Not for residential projects but in some commercial projects, we are required to.
  • It’s important for you to have a clear picture of when the contractor will begin and end work on your project, especially if you have a deadline in mind. 
  • Perhaps you’re awaiting the birth of a child or need to move out of your current home. Whatever the reason, ask about any circumstances that may push back your completion date. This is also a good time to ask about how many projects they’re currently juggling. Also, make sure the timeline is realistic. You can read more about the common project timeline for a new home build here. 
  • No because the information extremely detailed and is proprietary.
  • Base contract is established. With any remodeling project, you can’t see everything until exposed. We over-communicate every exception we see and involve you in the process and solution. Any changes are discussed prior and agreed upon by you prior to us taking any action.
  • We have accounts at the distributors and dealers that specialize in servicing contractors.
  • Yes, of course – with permission from the homeowner.
Brian and Samantha

“Dave’s confidence, expertise, and assurance gave us peace of mind through the entire project…”

Steve and Ashley

“Dave applied over-the-top attention to detail and beautiful, quality workmanship…”

Cliff and Monica

“We got what we paid for—and more—from Orbit Builders, in higher-quality, personalized workmanship….”