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Transforming homes reflecting the owner’s lifestyle

Orbit Building and Remodeling is a premier residential contractor expertly guiding our customers through the renovation process.

Why Orbit?

Homeowners turn to us when:

  1.   Their current home does not fit their lifestyle.
  2.   Frustrated that their living space no longer meets their needs.  
  3.   In a quandary about what to do 
  4.  Uncertain about whom to trust to do it.


What We do:

Orbit Building and Remodeling provides, first and foremost, peace of mind. ORBIT builds your lifestyle into your project. Our services include –


Outdoor Living

Designing an outdoor area with the intention of using it for entertaining guests and spending a lot of time outdoors is known as outdoor living. Basically, creating an extension of your living room, only outside.


Whole House Transformation

Your entire home is completely transformed with a whole house remodel. Creating new rooms with additions, upgrading the kitchen and bathroom, renovating a luxury home, modernizing the interior, and installing new siding, decks, windows, and doors are all examples of ways to reconfigure a space.


Basement Transformation

Your indoor oasis, ranging from craft rooms, media rooms, playrooms, bars, exercise areas, and wine cellars, plus more. Additions for that new living space include multi-generational in-law suites, dream kitchens, master bedrooms, and baths. Updating and modernizing to fit your lifestyle.

What makes us different?

Orbit Building and Remodeling leverages its vast experience in home building earning its reputation as a quality homebuilder and remodeler since 1990. Over 3 decades of satisfied homeowners. We use quality materials, quality craftsman – with long-term relationships. We inspire, inform and design with our homeowners. We are skilled, safe, efficient and knowledgeable. We will guide you through transitioning your house to your home reflecting your lifestyle.


Joe and Sasha

“Excellent customer service…very responsive with prompt answers to all our questions…”

Wally and Lauren

“Orbit Builders and Dave Franz offered great value at a fair price for our dream addition…”

Pete and Marilyn

“Dave worked closely with us every step of the way and was able to understand our ‘vision’…”

Wayne and Beth

“Orbit Builders gave us very professional services with a personalized touch…”

    Brian and Samantha

    “Dave’s confidence, expertise, and assurance gave us peace of mind through the entire project…”

    Steve and Ashley

    “Dave applied over-the-top attention to detail and beautiful, quality workmanship…”

    Cliff and Monica

    “We got what we paid for—and more—from Orbit Builders, in higher-quality, personalized workmanship….”

      Eric and Trisha

      We had a wonderful experience with Orbit Building and Remodeling. They did a whole house remodel for us that included a foyer, kitchen, 4 bedrooms, a living room, a library, and 3 bathrooms. Part of our home was built in 1840 which presented several challenges each met with thoughtful solutions. The library ceiling and floor were slanted and bowing. I never thought it would be possible to achieve the results that Dave Jr. achieved. He was able to rebuild the room and give us a straight floor and ceiling which also straightened the bedroom floor above the library. Dave jr. did a great job keeping us updated on his plan and progress. He was professional and courteous. We are grateful that we could count on him for such a big project.

      Joe and Sarah Seyler

      When my wife and I had just purchased our home and we had a big need in renovating and combining two bathrooms into one large bathroom, which is where Orbit came in. Dave did a fantastic job not only making one big nice bathroom out of two very old and small bathrooms but was extremely professional the entire way through the project. We now have a very nice upstairs bathroom that has a lot of space and each step of the way, every request that we had was accommodated without issue. I would recommend using this company to anyone in need of a construction project.

      Pam Brown

      I chose Orbit to build my attached garage. Both Dave & Dave Jr. exceeded my expectations in completing the project! When I asked for changes or additions to the project, they were happy to accommodate me when it was possible and they patiently explained if it wouldn't work. They also seamlessly handled the subcontractors who were also working on my project.

      Matt and Shelley

      “Orbit Builders and Dave Franz helped us save tons of money on our remodeling project, with great creative suggestions…”

        Who is Orbit Building and Remodeling?

        Orbit Building and Remodeling is a premier residential contractor expertly guiding our customers through the renovation process.

        We started as a framing company in 1990 and have worked for and with homeowners, local builders and building owners. Through the years we have grown and we can now service any size residential project large or small through an on going education policy and in the field experience

        We are registered as General Contractors in Lake County, Willoughby, Mentor, and Concord Township. In past years, we have been registered in Geauga County, Eastlake and are in good standing with all of the above.

        Orbit Building and Remodeling is a member of the Cleveland Home Builders Association (HBA)

        Professional and Expert Builder

        We are registered in Lake County and are registered, insured and bonded in all municipalities that require it.

        We are a member of the Cleveland Home Builders Association (HBA) and a member of the Cleveland HBA Remodelers Council.

        Parent company, Wood Tech Construction, founded and operating since

        Our Core Values

        Orbit Building & Remodeling values the relationship with our customer first and foremost. In gaining the trust of our customer, we focus on the following:

        Communication – Clear, honest collaboration. We do our best to keep the surprises out of the building process. Keeping our customers informed is key.

        Respect – We are honored that you have chosen us to enter into your home and disrupt your life for a period of time. Remodeling can be tough for clients; we understand this and treat this process with dignity.

        Education– Our commitment to continued education and utilization of properly trained and certified trade partners ensures a properly completed project.

        Our Mission

        Skilled – Safe – Efficient – Knowledgeable
        “Orbit Building and Remodeling is a premier residential contractor; expertly guiding customers through the renovation process. We are experienced, knowledgeable and experts in planning, designing and constructing to your lifestyle. We unceasingly earn our customer’s trust through honesty, integrity and results. We are craftsman first and foremost – we are skilled, capable, efficient. Providing peace of mind to our customers while beautifying their home.”

        Our Vision

        Inspire – Inform – Design – Implement
        “It is the vision of Orbit Building and Remodeling to be your premier contractor expertly guiding customers through the renovation process exceeding their expectations.”